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Workplace Emergency Response Awareness

Course Outline


This program covers the basic underpinning knowledge and initial response actions expected to be undertaken by personnel who are designated as being members of a support team during an emergency situation in the workplace. It is designed to identify warning signs, prevent or minimise negative impacts of an incident and communicate the situation to all relevant parties such as the workplace Manager/Supervisor/Security and those nearest the location of the situation.

Course Aim & Objectives


This product is aimed at ANY INDUSTRY and ANY SITE to equip employees with formal training in understanding the importance of preparing and responding to a workplace emergency situation. 

To develop awareness and understanding in critical areas such as:

  • Preparedness.

  • Initiating an organised Initial Response.

  • Basic First Aid and casualty handling.

  • Communications and leadership.

  • Fire Safety and Hazard identification.

Course Modules

The following modules and elements will be delivered:

Module 1: Theory of Basic Workplace Emergency Response Awareness
Module 2: Practical Exercises



There are no pre-requisites for the WERA program.

Appraisal Process (Exam)


This is a no pass or fail outcome however instructors will reinforce Learner understanding by way of a 30-minute ‘open book’ exam, conducted at the end of the training day.


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1 Day Theory and Practical Session


Company Consultation

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Theory and Practical

Native Teacher (Available in English or Malay)

Free Resources for Company Implementation

1 Day Training

Level 3 UK Certificate of Completion

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