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Perbadanan Hal Ehwal Bekas Angkatan Tentera

Ongoing work with PERHEBAT to upskill veterans for rentry to the work force.

Our programs, "Asset Incident Controller Initial Response" and "Incident Response Management and Recovery," are designed to upskill Malaysian military veterans and prepare them for HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) roles in the civilian workforce. 

The "Asset Incident Controller Initial Response" Level 3 program focuses on equipping veterans with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to incidents and emergencies in industrial or workplace settings. It covers topics such as risk assessment, emergency protocols, incident command systems, and communication strategies during emergencies. By providing this training, we empower veterans to handle various incidents and ensure the safety of personnel and assets.

The "Incident Response Management and Recovery" Diploma Level 4  program aims to enhance veterans' understanding of incident response and recovery processes in different workplace environments. It encompasses previously learnt skills from the military, navy, or airforce and enhances them through applications to  incident investigation techniques, root cause analysis, recovery plan development, and preventive measures implementation. By acquiring these skills, veterans become equipped to manage incidents, mitigate risks, and promote a safe work environment.

Participating in these programs offers Malaysian military veterans valuable HSE skills that are highly sought after in the civilian workforce. Through the programs, veterans gain enhanced knowledge of HSE principles, regulations, and best practices. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for securing HSE roles in industries where adherence to safety standards is paramount.

Additionally, the programs provide veterans with incident response expertise, enabling them to effectively respond to incidents and emergencies and ensure the safety of personnel and assets. This expertise is particularly valuable in industries where risk management and incident response play critical roles, such as construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

Enhanced HSE Knowledge: The skills developed in these programs, including risk assessment, incident management, and communication, are transferable to various HSE roles across different industries. This versatility broadens veterans' employment opportunities, increasing their chances of finding suitable positions in the civilian workforce.

Industry-Relevant Training: Moreover, our programs are tailored to align with industry standards and requirements, ensuring that veterans are equipped with the specific skills and knowledge necessary to meet the demands of HSE roles. This industry relevance enhances veterans' readiness to contribute effectively in their chosen HSE field.

Professional Networking: Throughout the programs, veterans have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, potential employers, and fellow participants, facilitating job placements and providing valuable connections within the HSE field. This networking aspect further enhances veterans' chances of successfully transitioning into civilian HSE roles.

These programs empower Malaysian military veterans by equipping them with the essential skills, knowledge, and connections needed to transition into civilian HSE positions. By upskilling veterans and preparing them for the challenges of the civilian workforce, we aim to support their successful reintegration while contributing to a safer work environment across industries.

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