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Trident Virtual Command Centre Team Edition


The Trident Virtual Command Centre is an advanced web-based simulator software tailored for training providers. Its primary objective is to offer a highly interactive and immersive training environment. By leveraging modern technology, it replicates real-world scenarios, preparing trainees for a multitude of emergency situations they might encounter in their professional roles.

Features of TVCCTE

  1. Customisation of Client Assets:
    The web-based simulator is built with adaptability at its core. It permits easy customization of client assets, ensuring that trainers can simulate an environment that mirrors the assets their clients use. This direct relevance ensures that the training is applicable to a specific training program.

  2. Integrated Positions:
    The web-based simulator encompasses integrated roles suitable for an emergency command centre, including but not limited to a control room operator screen, muster board, logistics board, historian board, etc. This multifaceted approach allows trainees to acquaint themselves with various segments of the command centre, ensuring they grasp their individual responsibilities.


  3. Realism:
    The Trident Virtual Command Centre prides itself on its realistic approach. Beyond visually accurate simulations, it incorporates sound effects that heighten immersion, closely mimicking real-world scenarios. This attention to detail ensures trainees can seamlessly transition to real-world command centres.


  4. Immersive Learning Environment:
    By synergizing visual and auditory elements, the simulator crafts an immersive learning environment, amplifying the training experience. This immersive approach augments trainee engagement, making the training more impactful and enhancing its overall efficacy.

5. Technical Mapping of Asset:


  • Mapping of various detectors: Fire, Gas, Heat.

  • Mapping of Manually Activated Call-points.

  • General Purpose Alarms and Personal Address systems.

  • Animations corresponding to different emergency scenarios.

  • Sound effects based on emergency scenarios e.g., Fire & Explosion, Man Overboard, Collapse of Scaffolding, Collision, Security Threats etc. 

6. Additional Emergency Command Features:


  • Simplified Incident Manager Chat Screen.

  • Logistics Board.

  • Historian / Logger Board

  • Muster Board

Simulator Available For Annual Leasing.

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Customisation of Client Assets

Integrated Positions


Immersive Learning Environment

Technical Mapping of Asset

Additional Emergency Command Features

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