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Medcubes remote case


Healthcare is a core fundamental of life. Too many people have no or only low quality access to healthcare services in their surrounding area. MedCubes solutions are designed to bridge those gaps and bring the healthcare professionals closer to their patients.

MedCubes offers healthcare solutions starting from small installations like GP clinics or Nursing Homes up to nationwide healthcare networks. It can be used as an extension tool for rural, remote or exposed areas in any environment. MedCubes RemoteCase solution is a combination of

  • Windows 10 Tablet

  • MedCubes TeleAssessmentsoftware including a triage system with a smart decision support system

  • Certified devices with interfaces to the MedCubes TeleAssessment software

  • Online/Offline handling and interfaces to transfer the data to the responsible doctor

  • Video and chat communication system

  • Ergonomic and robust hard cases or bags

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