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fact 24


FACT24 offers you support for integrated emergency notification and crisis management. The system enables fast and professional communication and intervention in emergencies and critical situations. This can help prevent disasters and financial or image loss. We have compiled the ten most important reasons for you to use FACT24.

1. FACT24 is a web-based solution that is implemented quickly and easily.
2. FACT24 is a Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) solution and operates independently from your own infrastructure.
3. FACT24 is fast and easy to use.
4. You are always ready to act with FACT24.
5. FACT24 allows you to launch alerts immediately and without restrictions.
6. FACT24 is reliable and highly available.
7. FACT24 is secure, and so is your data.
8. FACT24 can be implemented worldwide.
9. FACT24 offers you cost-transparency.
10. More than 2,500 clients appreciate our personal support.

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