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"centre of excellence"

The HUB and centralized headquarters of WGG is strategically located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia`s capital. The HUB is where our Instructor Led, Digital & Blended learnings in Incident Command are coordinated from. It includes two blended workstations capable of delivering Remote (online) training, as well as traditional Face-to-Face learning.

The HUB also serves as WGG staging area for the ER workforce industry operators. In addition to internal operational needs, the HUB is the national Emergency Operations Centers (war rooms) capable of multi-level management services and spaces for clients to respond and manage live operations during emergency activities. Globally, the HUB is one of only a handful of purpose-built facilities, fully compliant with ICS requirements.

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  WGG HUB - Head Office (Kuala Lumpur)  

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"Manned emergency command centre"

The MECC is a satellite regional centre located in Lumut, Perak. It serves similar functions to the parent HUB in Kuala Lumpur including Blended Workstations; a Staging Area for regional emergency operations; and a regional Emergency Operation Centre. The MECC is strategically located between high-risk industry operations and local authorities to serve as the primary staging point and Emergency Operations Centre for Perak’s National Disaster Management Association.

MECC Front Page-01.jpg

  THE MECC - Head Office (Perak)  

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