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Asset Incident Controller

Course Aim & Objectives


The programme involves a combination of Theory and Practical scenarios that are designed to build confidence and provide the Asset Incident Controllers with the best platform to enable them to return to their asset and ensure that maximum value has been extracted from the programme. A big part of the Theory element is the Time Out process, as this is key in performing the Asset Incident Controller’s role during an emergency situation.

The programme shall include:

• Maintain a State of Readiness.
• Take Effective Action and Assess the Situation.
• Maintaining Communications.
• Delegations and Authority to Act.
• Manage Individual and Team Performance – Deal with Stress.

Course Outline


Each of the scenarios will have a level of difficulty. Assessors will observe the exercises and gather raw evidence on the Learners performance. This evidence will then be converted into specific comments, recommendation and ratings against each performance criteria, and the exercise as a whole. The exercises shall include:

• Environmental Incident.
• Explosion and Fire.
• Common Areas Fire.
• Mobile Asset Incident.
• Terrorist Incident.
• Civil Incident.
• Structural Collapse.
• Natural Disaster.
• Loss of Stability.

The simulator used during the practical scenarios will be developed based upon the Learners asset/place of employment.
Each Learner must be observed in at least three (3) Command Centre Simulations in the ASSET INCIDENT CONTROLLER (AIC) position.


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