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 End-to-End Human Capital Management Solutions


Wild Geese Group have been in the Competency & Assessment business for over a decade and we understand the challenges and importance of maintaining a qualified and competent offshore work force.  


With this thought process, we have launched the business of end to end human capital management for offshore Oil and Gas operators. As we are in the profession of training, we are proud of the fact that we provide trained human capital who ensure highest standards of QHSE and follow principles of Zero harm.


With a team of professionals with extensive experience in offshore crewing, and having the experience of working with all the major drilling contractors and national oil companies, we believe our manning solutions are tailored to client needs.


From hiring to retiring, we ensure all steps are taken so that our customers can focus on their core activities.

End to end Human Capital Management Includes:


  • Sourcing CVs

  • Selection of right fit Candidates based on provided JDs

  • Scheduling Interviews

  • Feedback forms​


  • QHSE induction orientation

  • Ensuring OGUK Medical, BOSIET related training (OPITO & Non-OPITO) 

  • Job Specific Training E.g. Crane Operator Stage -3 Training

  • OPITO/BTEC/AFAC/TEEX accredited Emergency Management Training & Assessment for management & key ER personnel

  • Cold Eye Observations (onsite mentoring & coaching)

  • CDC, Flag Endorsements​


  • Transportation

  • Airport - meet and greet

  • Co-ordination with crew families

  • Domestic & International travel

  • Communication with Radio Operator and Client’s crew coordinator

  • Visa Services


  • Timely computation & disbursement of crew salaries

  • Salary Slip management


  • Assisting effective crew change

  • Base co-ordination

  • Onshore emergency response which is one of our core strengths

  • PPE supplies

  • Medivac support

The Recruitment Process

WGGMS has an extensive recruitment program designed to find the very best candidates for you. We are confident in our ability to match the right people to the right positions based on careful analysis of their skills, experience and personality.

Upon receiving instruction to recruit new employees, we will meet with the appropriate members of your team to obtain a detailed job description and discuss selection criteria. We believe our quality service is enhanced through close client interaction.

Our Core Services

Permanent Recruitment

WGGMS source and screen suitable candidates for permanent positions for our clients.

Contract Recruitment

We use our years' of contract recruitment experience in the oil, gas industry to select only the best candidates to pass on to our clients.


Ensuring your staff and contractors are paid correctly and on time is crucial to the efficiency of a business, productivity and morale of a workforce.

Global Mobility Services

This refers to managing both global and domestic assignments, national and international transfers.

Permanent Recruitment

WGGMS source and screen suitable candidates for permanent positions at our clients. We know that securing the best permanent staff is about nurturing a deep understanding of the clients' business and the motivations, wants and needs of candidates.

Our approach to permanent recruitment is on an individual level even where there are multiple roles of a similar nature. We consider the personalities of candidates to ensure a good fit for both the individual and our client. The reason for this is that a good placement is about aligning motivations not a "make do" type outcome. We back all this up with replacement guarantees so you know you have confidence in the right result.

Contract Recruitment

WGGMS years of contract recruitment experience in the oil and gas industry allows us to provide only the best candidates for our clients. Using our "Talent Pipelining" process, based on WGGMS strong history of recommendations and durability of service to the market we have access to a wide-ranging database of experienced oil and gas contractors ready for fast mobilisation.

Our reputation gives us access to candidates outside of just conventional channels allowing us to qualify a unique selection candidates to a very high technical level.

WGGMS highly personalised service means that contractors do not feel isolated whilst they are on project location Our clients trust us to keep their contractors focused on the jobs so their projects run smoothly and without interruption.

Contract Recruitment Advantages

1. Recruitment Flexibility

  • Match your recruitment levels with your workload and project requirements

  • Quick setup process vs. lengthy direct placement cycle

  • Option to terminate contract placement at any time

2. Maintain Budget Controls

  • Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion by adding contract placement to your workforce

  • Eliminate unnecessary overheads

3. Increase Recruitment Alternatives

  • Client companies have access to a new pool of highly skilled resources

  • Retiree re-staffing allows client companies to bring back the expertise of former employees

4. Sole-Source Staffing Ability

  • Decrease the number of vendors to manage

  • Reduce administrative responsibilities

  • Access to contract candidates nationwide


Ensuring your staff and contractors are paid correctly is crucial to the smooth running of a business and the morale of a workforce.

WGGMS has experienced in-house international payroll team that manages all contractor payroll and accounting services.

We provide both the client and contractor a secure, timely and professional pay mechanism to enhance and support our service to you.

Global Mobility

Global mobility refers to managing both global and domestic assignments, national and international transfers, the planning and costing of inbound and outbound movements, being aware of tax compliance issues, immigration issues as well as all the personal issues that arise when moving people from one jurisdiction to another.

Within the oil and gas industry, contractor mobilisation and on-boarding the right people to the right location at the right time is a critical part of the smooth running of projects and operations. There are times when numerous contractors are needed urgently and often particular specialist skills and experience required.

  • Visa Services & Local authority registration

  • Accommodation provision and management

  • Mobilisation / Demobilisation management

  • Travel and Hotel Management

  • Meet & Greet / transfers

  • Schooling advice and enrolment

  • Medical Insurance

  • Orientation & in country services (banking support, insurance, mobile phone etc.)

  • Fitness for work medicals and vaccinations

  • Training provisions



Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where a company can choose to transfer all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider. An RPO provider can act as an extension of a company's HR or Resourcing function, sitting on site with the client providing a holistic hiring solution. An RPO provider can deliver the necessary staff, technology, and methodology needed to fulfil a client's recruitment requirements.

Our recruitment outsourcing solutions can be delivered on-site through a team of recruiters that act as an extension of the client's talent acquisition team, off-site, or through a combination of both, across country-aligned, multi-regional or global remits.

For all enquiries please contact:

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