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Offshore Installation Manager Controlling Emergencies

Target Group


The target group for the OIM Controlling Emergencies Competence Assessment are personnel who have been deemed ready by their employer to be formally assessed in the role of an OIM during an emergency situation.

Course Aims and Objectives


The aim and objective of the OIM Controlling Emergencies Competence Assessment are to formally assess the candidate in the role of an OIM during an emergency situation in a simulated environment.



The following pre-requisites are required:


  • A formal declaration from the candidate’s employer confirming that the candidate has achieved the performance criteria in Element 1.1 in the workplace, satisfied the core essential knowledge and asset type knowledge requirements and that the candidate has been deemed ready for formal assessment against Elements 1. 2 to 1.6.

Assessment Process


Companies of attending candidates must declare prior to undergoing Assessments that the candidates already possess understanding of the expected Core Essential Knowledge areas of:

• Procedures (ERP’s and Safety Case etc)
• Hardware (Installation layout & Systems etc)
• Information (Cause & Effect, Potential for Escalation etc)
• Human Factors (Stress, Decision Making & Adversity etc)

In addition, they must possess an Asset Type Knowledge of the facility they are currently on, before undergoing the Practical Assessments.


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