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Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace 

Course Outline / Target Group


The course will provide learners with foundational training about mental health, recognising issues related to mental health, and how to promote mental well-being. It covers aspects of mental health including recognising symptoms, creating a supportive work environment, communication and ethical considerations.


The course is designed for Heads of Departments, Senior Supervisors, Managers, and those being primed for promotion to a supervisory level or role.

Course Aims & Objectives


To equip workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize, understand, and support the mental health of employees in the workplace.

The program is delivered over one day and by its conclusion, the Learners will be able to:

  1. Understand and recognize mental health issues, and signs that people are experiencing poor mental health.

  2. Understand the benefits of supporting mental health for your business.

  3. Create a supportive work environment.

  4. Learn how to effectively communicate with employees about mental health and provide appropriate support.

  5. Understand the legal and ethical considerations related to mental health in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define mental health and its components: emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

  2. Explain how mental health affects thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

  3. Differentiate between mental health and mental illness.

  4. Understand the impact of stigma and the importance of accurate knowledge.

  5. Introduce the concept of the mental health continuum and discuss its fluctuation and influencing factors.

  6. Learn cultural aspects that affect perceptions of mental health in Malaysia.

  7. Explore the impact of mental health on productivity, employee engagement, and workplace atmosphere, as well as on business branding and reputation.

  8. Engage in self-reflection on mental health and participate in group discussions on mental health in corporate environments.

  9. Identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions.

  10. Understand strategies for promoting mental well-being at work, including job redesign, manager training, policies, and work-life balance.

  11. Learn stress management and resilience-building techniques.

  12. Learn effective communication techniques and how to approach colleagues in distress.

  13. Understand the legal and ethical considerations in protecting employee mental wellbeing.

  14. Practice intervention techniques and communication through role-playing exercises.

  15. Develop personal and organizational action plans for addressing mental health issues in the workplace.


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