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Trident Simulator Operator 

Course Objectives


Module 1: Simulator Build


  • Understand the hardware components of the Trident Simulator and their functionalities.

  • Successfully install and configure the simulator software.

  • Operate the simulator effectively, including powering on/off and navigating through the interface.

  • Gain proficiency in handling different simulation scenarios and customizing them as per requirements.

Module 2: Student Screens and Guidance


  • Familiarize with the student interface and its various screens.

  • Learn to monitor students effectively during simulation exercises using monitoring tools.

  • Develop effective guidance techniques to facilitate student learning and engagement.

  • Manage scenarios for students based on their skill levels and monitor their progress accordingly.

  • Assess and evaluate students' performance, providing constructive feedback for improvement and certification.

Course Outline


Module 1: Simulator Build


  • Introduction to Trident Simulator

  • Overview of Trident Simulator

  • Importance of Simulator Training

  • Simulator Hardware Components

  • Understanding the hardware setup

  • Detailed explanation of each component

  • Safety protocols and maintenance procedures


Module 2: Student Screens and Guidance


  • Overview of student screens

  • Purpose and functionality of each screen

Appraisal Process:

This is a no pass or fail outcome, however instructors will reinforce Learner understanding by way of an Appraisal Completing a full SIMULATOR Build and Student Instruction.


Learners will receive a UK registered NOCN Certificate Level 3 for TRIDENT SIMULATOR OPERATOR. Certificates are awarded from the UK and will be forwarded post course in soft copy to the individuals and /or the employer point of contact.


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