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Offshore Suspended Mariculture Platform Operator

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Course Outline


This course covers essential knowledge and skills including the basics of fish farming, environmental considerations, health and hygiene, safety protocols, emergency response planning, and understanding weather reports and their impact on operations. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations, and a written appraisal to ensure comprehensive learning and skill application.

Course Aim


The aim of this course is to provide fish farm operators with foundational knowledge and practical skills related to fish farming, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Course Objectives


This course aims to equip learners with foundational knowledge and practical skills related to fish farming, enabling them to understand principles, operate fish farms efficiently, and apply best practices in the industry.

The objectives of this course are to:

  1. Understand the principles of fish farming.

  2. Apply terminology and protocols relevant to general fish farm operations.

  3. Maintain personal health and hygiene while working on a fish farm.

  4. Implement safety and security measures when working offshore.

  5. Respond effectively to emergencies offshore, including reporting, responding, and prevention.

  6. Demonstrate awareness of weather conditions and their impact on fish farming.

Appraisal Process:

The appraisal consists of a written assessment to demonstrate understanding of theoretical concepts.


Learners will receive a UK registered NOCN Certificate Level 3 for Offshore Suspended Mariculture Platform Operator. Certificates are awarded from the UK and will be forwarded post course in soft copy to the individuals and /or the employer point of contact.


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Theory and Practical


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Theory and Practical

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