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On Site Emergency Response Team Development

Course Aims


To equip learners with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to perform the roles of Offshore Emergency Response Team / Leader / OSC effectively. Keeping Human Factors as a Priority in Command and Control.

Course Theory Objectives


  • Understand your company and your asset’s emergency response organization

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Response Team Leader (OSC) and Member (ERT).

  • Understand the purpose of emergency response procedures.

  • Identify Major Incident Events (fire and non-fire related) which could occur at your Asset

  • Understand the Hot, Warm and Cold Zone concept.

  • Identify your Asset’s fixed fire systems.

  • Understand the basic performance capability and limitations of typical fixed systems.

  • Identify the emergency response PPE requirements for the ERT.

Course Practical Objectives


  • Communicate effectively with the OSC and other team members.

  • Respond appropriately to the OSC during an emergency drill.

  • Use safe working practices. 

  • Demonstrate the ability to muster and dress in the appropriate Full Firefighting rig.

  • Explain the purpose of Buddy Checks and demonstrate effective Buddy checks during a live emergency drill

  • Understand search and rescue techniques for missing persons and casualties during an emergency. 

  • Demonstrate correct casualty handling and recovery techniques.


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Headquarters Office

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Theory and Practical

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