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Facility Essential Services Training & Development

Course Objectives


  • Enhance understanding of emergency management procedures and principles.

  • Develop skills for communication, command and control.

  • Familiarize use of fundamental equipment and systems.

  • Improve decision-making and leadership in stressful situations.

  • Foster continued development, mentoring and drill culture throughout the organization.

  • Provide practical experience in responding to and managing emergency scenarios.

  • Where possible conduct a whole facility drill or verify Team Competency.

  • Certify eligible persons with an internationally recognized diploma.

  • Identify gaps and offer improvement suggestions in competency, facilities and procedures.

Target Audience

Teams and individuals in a Facility's (Offshore or Onshore) emergency response and management organization, such as:

  • Emergency Response / Fire Teams

  • Muster / Assembly Checkers / Headcounters

  • Helideck / Helipad Teams

  • Lifeboat Teams

  • Medical / Stretcher Teams

  • Drill coordinator / HSE / Safety Officers

  • Others


Confirmation of formal Industry Qualification in an ER role and current employment to perform said ER role.



Direct Observation and Questioning through:

  • Simulated Practical Exercises as separate teams, or

  • Simulated Whole Facility Exercise (Drill), or

  • During live evolutions (such as during live Helicopter Operations for a Helidek Team).



Eligible Learners will receive an Internationally Recognized, UK awarded NOCN Diploma Level 4 for Facility Essential Services Training and Development in the position they are qualified in.

Course Content


Module 1 - Theory

  • Element 1.1 - Understanding Emergencies, the Principles of Emergency Management and emergency Procedures.

  • Element 1.2 - The Emergency Management Organization and Essential Functions.

  • Element 1.3 - Communication, Command and Control.

  • Elemetn 1.4 - Maintaining a State of Readiness.

Module 2 - Practical

  • Observation and questioning during practical exercises related to your specific role and function in your organisation.

This program is to be delivered at the client company's Facility and offer non-disruptive (to daily operations) training and mentoring in a familiar environment to improve confidence, efficiency, and effectiveness of the emergency response personnel.


MERSC Kuala Lumpur
Headquarters Office

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2 Days Theory and Practical Session


Company Consultation

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Theory and Practical

Native Teacher (Available in English or Malay)

Free Resources for Company Implementation

2 Days Training

Diploma Level 4 UK Certificate of Completion

Consultation to further training

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