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Emergency Command Centre Team Member

Course Aims & Objectives


To introduce the necessary knowledge and develop the skills needed to be an active contributing team member within an Emergency Command Centre during a real emergency. 

Target Audience

Any person who has been assigned a designated position within an Emergency Command Group,

responsible for the command and control actions during an emergency.


This course is delivered over a two-day period.


There are no formal pre-requisites to taking this course.



After the theory information sharing sessions, learners will be placed in a purpose built ECC environment and required to perform in each of the following designated positions:

  • Administration Coordinator

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • Event Recorder

  • Resource Coordinator

  • Compliance Authority

At the end of the program, learners will have been shown, and observed to demonstrate their understanding in performing as a designated ECC Team Member during the response to a worksite emergency.

Course Content

Module 1 : Functionality and layout of an Emergency Control Centre

Module 2 : Gathering, sharing, reporting and recording of all available information

Module 3 : Command and control of available resources during an emergency

Module 4 : Communications essential to effective management during an emergency

Module 5 : Understanding and applying compliance measures during an emergency


MERSC Kuala Lumpur
Headquarters Office

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2 Days Theory and Practical Session


Company Consultation

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Theory and Practical

Native Teacher (Available in English or Malay)

Free Resources for Company Implementation

2 Days Training

Level 3 UK Certificate of Completion

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