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Designated Person In Charge

Target Group


This course is designed to provide selected personnel chosen within a company to be in charge and lead a work team to a Normally Unattended Installation or Satellite Platform.  

Course Aim & Objectives


To give personnel the confidence and leadership tools to be able to lead a work group to help avoid, prepare and manage an emergency that may occur while isolated with a small team on an unmanned satellite.

Training focus is on team;

•    Preparation
•    Briefing
•    Emergency Response Procedures
•    Expectations in emergency
•    The Command and Control process
•    Satellite Evacuation Procedures

Course Modules

This course aims to prepare the Designated Person In Charge to take his team to a satellite and ensure their safety in the event of any type of incident that may occur whilst on the satellite facility.

The emphasis is on awareness that there is very little or no support for a small team on an isolated and unmanned installation, therefore leadership and knowledge of how to save the team with what little resources exist starts with the preparation and briefing of the team before departure from the primary facility.

Should emergency occur the DPIC needs to know the expectations of the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) back on the primary facility, and act and communicate effectively with the OIM to ensure his team are safe and that support is requested immediately. 


MERSC Kuala Lumpur
Headquarters Office

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2 Days Theory and Practical Session


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Theory and Practical

Native Teacher (Available in English or Malay)

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2 Days Training

Level 3 UK Certificate of Completion

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