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Control Room Operator Initial Response

Course Outline


This program covers the underpinning knowledge and initial response actions expected to be undertaken by the Control Room Operator (CRO) or Panelman to identify warning signs, prevent or minimise negative impacts of an escalating incident and communicate the situation to all relevant parties such as the OIM/Plant Manager, Permit Holders and those nearest the location of the situation.

Course Aim & Objectives


This product is aimed at ANY INDUSTRY and ANY ASSET where a Centralised Control Room exists and aims to equip Control Room Operators and Panelmen with formal training in understanding emergencies and emergency procedures, identifying developing situations, proactively and confidently taking risk reducing measures and initial response actions within the limit of authority, Command and Control and Information management from within a CCR/ECC.

•    Identify and control developing situations.
•    Initiate initial response actions within the limit of authority.
•    Communicate effectively with all appropriate parties.

Course Modules

The following modules and elements will be delivered:

Module 1: Theory of Emergency Management and Initial Response
Module 2: Practical Element of CRO IR



This course is for personnel who have been deemed ready by their employer to be formally trained and assessed in the role of CRO/PANEL MAN during a developing emergency. Personnel attending this program should already have an appropriate level of experience and technical knowledge in their workplace as a CRO/Panelman within a Control Room environment.

Assessment Process


Each Learner will undertake minimum 2 emergency simulations maximum 3 as the CRO/Panelman to demonstrate they have an appropriate level of knowledge and are able to demonstrate the expected Performance Criteria.


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