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Competency Based Training

Target Group


This programme is designed for all employees within an organisation who need to understand the basics of competency-based training and assessment, including trainees/learners, line supervisors, instructors etc.

Course Aim & Objectives


The aim of this training programme is to impart the initial knowledge to enable trainees at the workplace understand competency-based training and assessment. The objectives of this training are that Learners will understand:

a)    What is competency-based training.
b)    Rubrics and how they are used in assessment.
c)    Units of competency.
d)    The assessment process.
e)    Not Yet Competent decisions.
f)    Assessment related terminology.
g)    Competency management system.
h)    Roles and responsibilities within the CMS.

Course Modules


Competency Based Training is training that is designed to allow a learner to demonstrate their ability to do something. This may be to make a coffee, create a brochure, lead a tour or deal with a difficult customer.

The key thing about Competency Based Training is that you either can or cannot (yet) do the thing that you are learning about. Learners are not expected to perform tasks better than others, or in competition to others. For example, there are no “extra points” for extra effort or performance. Learners simply have to demonstrate they can do a task, activity or exercise well enough to be assessed as “competent”. In other words, they must be successful at the task they are given to complete that unit of work.



There are no formal Learner pre-requisites.


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