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Capability Assurance Development Authority

Diploma Level 4

4.1 Competence Based Training (CBT)

4.2 Train The Trainer (TTT)

4.3 Workplace Competence Assessor (WCA)

4.4 Workplace Internal Verifier (WIV)

4.5 Organisational Culture


Course Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of this programme are to impart initial training requirements to enable trainee Assessors to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out assessments.
This programme is designed for individuals within an organisation who are designated to be, or are seeking to be, a Workplace Competence Assessor.


There are no formal delegate pre-requisites, although delegates must provide evidence that they have access to a minimum of two candidates undergoing an assessment process in their workplace.


MERSC Kuala Lumpur
Headquarters Office

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Theory and Practical Session


Company Consultation

Accredited by:
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Theory and Practical

Native Teacher (Available in English or Malay)

Free Resources for Company Implementation

2 Days Training

Level 3 UK Certificate of Completion

Consultation to further training

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