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Who We Are

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Dato Tim Allsop


Underpinned by a lengthy service in the special forces of Australia`s military as an elite Clearance Diver. Post uniform, Tim migrated into the Oil & Gas Industry sector. With global exposure and international experiences from working in many parts of the world, in true essence of those “Irish soldiers led by Patrick Sarsfield 1691” centralized in SE Asia, Tim has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in multi-level and diverse operations.

Having founded and managed several companies from inception to operational success both regionally and internationally, Tim is easily recognized as capable in identifying needs, implementing & cultivating change, motivating personnel and succeeding in the delivery of specialized services to industries.

Tim`s passion and commitment to excellence is contagious to all around him, continually looking to master the present whilst implementing the future. Always aware & appreciative of the team collective. The Wild Geese Group, with the highly motivated & competent team around him is the vehicle that he uses to achieve, “First & Best in Class”.

About Us


Wild Geese Group has over the past twenty years grown from a small Training & Competency company into a recognized Center of Excellence in Incident Command System Solutions. Its manned 24/7 centralized HUB, the MERSC facility in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia reaches out through Alliance & Strategic partners.
Not a company to sit back and rest on past achievements with its products & services to industries.
Wild Geese Group is a proud provider of the IOT & Digitalization of Operational activities, capturing the true application of “providing the future today”, without losing site of the journey travelled.
Through its business units is able to offer an affordable superior service from start to finish.


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