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WGG Technologies Offshore specializes in offering support to companies and businesses, who operate offshore in the Oil & Gas Industry, primarily here in Malaysia and the localized region.

WGG-TO, provides a comprehensive & expansive line of services, including but not limited to:

  • Consultation & Advisory in Offshore Activities

  • Administration & Office Management

  • Logistical (Mobilization & Demobilization)

  • Manpower (Training, Placement, & Recruitment)

  • Equipment (Rental & Purchase)

WGG TO Logo 2023.png

With over twenty years of doing business here in Malaysia for the O&G industry sector, WGG through its experienced people on the ground who understand the landscape and work within the specialized business unit of WGG-Technologies Offshore, makes us very well placed to provide an agency service. Delivering a superior service, at market competitive rates, making the whole project, campaign, and venture less demanding, with less interruptions on you the operator/contractor.

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