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The Trident Card is another Wild Geese initiative which enables authorized personnel only to access data on an individual’s locations during emergency situations at remote sites and locations.

With over fifteen years in the fields of Emergency Response and Crisis Management experience it was only natural that Wild Geese in collaboration with The Managed Emergency Response Service Centre (MERSC) would develop this product and continue to hold the lead in such activities for the Oil & Gas Industry sector.

Combining both Training, Competency with Personal details and location at work simply puts all relevant card holder details in your hand, when it is needed most.

Using RFID technology, the Trident Card is read by strategically located sensors at the work place, recording and tracking the movement of the cardholder.

This knowledge is critical when an emergency takes place and obtaining both the location of and the individuals specific details as fast as possible, aiding the Emergency Manager to record headcount and mustering/assembly details.

The first priority for any industry during emergency situations is the location and condition of all accountable personnel.  To be able to get this data securely and quickly allows the Emergency Manager to take the necessary steps to contain the incident and work towards recovery of the situation.

As the data is accessible in real time it greatly reduces the stress associated with Emergency Management activities.

The Trident Card not only sends the location details back to the designated receiver but it also holds individual profile details such as and not limited to the following:

  • Training courses attended and expiry dates

  • Job description details and qualifications

  • NOK contact details

  • Photograph ID

  • Blood type & allergies

  • Recent recordable activities such as PTW associated with work

  • Past & Present movements at the work place


All the data is compiled into pre-formatted report sheets and displayed to your computer or mobile units.

Similar technology is in use in many other industries and businesses, but this is the first of its kind that captures multiple details such as an individual`s training, competency, job description and location and compiles that detail into accountable report templates.

For more detail on this product and how it can be installed to suite your needs contact,