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A log book that is used to record and document the details of incidents as they occur.


It provides evidence of activity and actions conducted whilst managing an emergency



Originating from our Live 24/7 Vessel Tracking & Monitoring software currently in use by our offshore clients, the e-LOGISTICS software is now in use during our OPITO accredited Emergency Management training programs.  This has greatly benefited the delegates with a better understanding of the logistical arrangements of offshore assets during emergency situations.



This product was the brain child of Tim Allsop who designed it for use during his Emergency Management Courses by popular demand from many of his clients for them to take away and use the wheel back at their work place. 


It is currently being considered for as an internally recognized learning product. 


The ALLSOP Wheel has a number of generic responses to identified threats and risks as well as providing a clear guide to personnel of what they should be focusing on during an emergency situation as members of the onsite management teams and offsite support teams.


The Wild Geese Group purpose built Major Emergency Management Training Simulator is utilised at all the training centres we conduct our OPITO accredited OIM, MEMIR, PMIC & CRO Training & Assessment programs. 


The simulator is very unique and can be easily customized to reflect the clients basic Distributed Control System and facility layout.  In addition to our fixed simulation rooms we also have several portable simulator units which we take to clients who are not able to send their personnel to our centres.


It is important to note that the simulation/role play component of each of our courses is very valuable, to observe the candidates in action against the Industry standards and the companies procedures. 


Simulators and training aids alone does not ensure competency. The quality of our facilitators, their passion, their knowledge and experience in the position that they are assessing against, has always been our key ingredient to our success and reputation. 



Are you prepared well enough!!

The key to preparation, notification, mobilization, communication, managing & eventually recovering from any emergency situation in any industry is the people, processes & equipment you have available to you.

From the company who brought you other Incident Command Products including the Emergency Management Simulator widely used in the Oil & Gas industry for the competency assessment of onsite managers, the ALLSOP wheels & Log Books, Permit Eye Camera we are proud to introduce the C-5 Android Emergency Management & Tracking Software. This software is simply installed onto any Android operating appliance such as the Samsung Tablet or HTC mobile phone.

This software will by name & function support the onsite & offsite Emergency Manager & Team Members in;

  • Command – maintaining your Incident Command Structure for notification, activation & reporting as it appears in your company ER documentation.

  • Control – aid in controlling the mobilization, tracking & progress of authorities involved in the incident response & management.

  • Communications – record to a chronological event all incoming & outgoing telephone calls & messages it will also prompt the user to make regular informative calls to relevant authorities.

  • Coordinate – monitor the progress and internal & external supporting agencies in your ER & EM efforts on site and beyond.

  • Compilate – all important actions will be compiled to several record data bases which can be used post incident & be sent to others within the network for viewing.



A collaboration between MERSC & Strategic Partners Meridian Surveys has resulted in the ability to offer our clients the capability to know where their people are when they travel offshore and work in the field, including when transiting between assets.  With all information coming back to the one designated data gathering stations grom both onshore and offshore.  This will expedite the mustering/assembly of personnel during emergency conditions as well as during operational activities.  This e-POB system is also being taught and introduced during our regular OPITO training programs at our training centres.



This book was compiled and designed to aid & support the efforts of Emergency Response groups during Offshore Drills, Exercises & real Emergency situations. It works in support of the company's Emergency Response Plan as a quick to access guide for personnel.


It should be used during drills & exercises to refresh knowledge in procedures and best practices. It identifies the expected response actions to be taken by First Responders, and key position holders in response to real emergency situations.

It is here to help you maintain a safe working environment, take the time to read it and understand it, as “it could be YOU that benefits” from someone else taking the time to read it and do what is expected of them.

It is part of the ongoing efforts of HSE to ensure a safe working environment for all personnel offshore.



The TRIDENT CARD is an RFID functioning card which stores and shares to appointed receivers, important data relating to the card holders such as;

  • IDENTITY - NOK/BG/Contact Details/Vital Statistics

  • LOCATION - whilst in transit to, from & at work, including emergency position and job description  through an e-POB system

  • QUALIFICATIONS - all training courses attended and competency management details

This state of the art system gives both the card holder and the employer an accurate database of information which is both relevant & vital to check for during both operational and emergency situations.  The database is maintained and managed with uploads to our MERSC facility in Kuala Lumpur.

Incident Management Tools


PEARLS – Highly valuable but simple and compact. It is said that to receive ‘Pearls Of Wisdom is to receive helpful guidance. This is the philosophy of the WGG PEARLS.








Like their namesake, the WGG PEARLS are highly valuable, simple and compact. The PEARLS are Incident Management tools that provide the Manager with helpful guidance in an emergency situation. Just like Pearls of Wisdom.

The PEARLS help in providing the EM with structure and a procedural flow.


The WGG PEARL cluster consists of;











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