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Managed and Operated by Wild Geese Group

The MERSC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a purpose built Incident Command System compliant facility, managed by Wild Geese Group. The facility allows operators to respond to any emergency they may face at any of their remote locations. 


The environment created at the MERSC has multiple terminals supported by collaborative agreements with strategic partners to include but not limited to mobile asset, cargo, personnel tracking & monitoring, Oil Spill Management to Medical evaluation & diagnostic support. 


Operating on a 24/7 basis and spread across 13000sqft in the heart of the city, it is a one of a kind established HUB with dedicated management rooms providing a robust response on a fully integrated platform. 


Behind the physical attributes that make up the MERSC there is a pedigree of skilled personnel with the knowledge and experience, supplied by the Wild Geese Group.


Internationally accredited OPITO, TEEX, B-TEC & AFAC accredited Incident & Crisis management Training & Assessment programs are conducted regularly at the MERSC making it a totally blended approach to Critical Incident Management at each and every level of the process.


A locally owned and operated business operating with military precision, governmental, and agency compliance to support Industry during Critical Incident situations.     


Below are an example of our fully integrated solutions. Please click on each image to learn more. 


Vision Statement

 “To be first & best in class”

Mission Statement

To continue to maintain the lead position in all aspects of Incident Command System Support, Training & Design to Industry, that supports end-to-end, human capital workforce solutions through product knowledge, innovation and expert facilitation in a commercial environment.

Meet our Senior Team

Dato Tim Allsop - President and CEO

Tim started his working career in the Special Forces branch of the Australian military. After leaving the Military he found himself as the Vice President of the first foreign owned fuel company in Timor Leste during the Independence period.


Since then and spanning more than twenty years, Tim has headed several companies within the SE Asian region. Predominantly involved in the Competency Development and Nationalization of the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry workforce. He himself having filled both offshore & onshore senior managerial positions around the world, within the Industry. 


The curator of the first outsourced Managed Emergency Response Service Center in the region,  working closely with Wild Geese Group through a Manage & Operate contract to support Operators in their compliance to regulatory bodies, stakeholders &  partners.


Always at the cutting edge of designing new and better ways to deal with Critical Emergency Situations, Tim has a pedigree of products and service history to pivot from in assisting major operators within industries in their Critical Incident Management processes. 

Robert Palmer Vice President MERSC 

Robert started his career in the Oil & Gas Industry over forty years ago in the North Sea and has worked at every level of operations throughout that period. He is comfortable in new start-up managerial positions right through to rejuvenation projects.


His work has taken him all over the world and as a senior manager his experience has taught him the value in the Competency Development & Nationalization of local workforce personnel.


A passionate, committed and  valuable contributor to both the MERSC facility & Wild Geese Group.

David Baker - Director (Operations Technical) MERSC

David like many who form part of the MERSC/WGG group started his working life in the Military, specializing in Avionics with the Royal Australian Air Force. 


He then migrated into the offshore industry, working for Hydrographic Survey companies and Major Oil Companies. With over thirty years O&G Industry experience in the fields of Information Technology, including developing the Vessel Monitoring System (VTMS) which is now used world wide and more recently the e-POB tracking system which is an integral part of the  Wild Geese Trident Card. 


Not just a valuable contributing team member to the successful operational up-time of the MERSC but integral to the development of new products and services to Industries.

Mike Herrmann - Director of Operations 

Mike Herrmann served over twenty four years in the Royal Australian Navy, he holds one of the highest Aircraft Controllers accreditations, having served in several active service senior advisory positions operating under multi task force management, he is well suited for his current role as Chief Operations Office.


Custodian and accountable director for Wild Geese Groups Alliance Partners & International Accreditation compliance.

An integral part of the groups global operations at all levels.

Daniel Mc Cowen - Director of Training

Daniel, having served over twenty eight years in the Royal Australian Navy and holding a Masters Degree from the Australian National University brings a depth of Administrative skills & Operational experience second to none that are both essential to ensure Wild Geese Group sustainability and ensures Wild Geese maintains its lead in Critical Incident Management Competency Development.   

Charlie Rhoden - Director (Contracts/Commercial) Wild Geese Group

Charlie brings over four decades of Technical & Administrative skills to the group.  Charlie has been personally involved in some of the largest offshore construction builds in Industry, a sound working knowledge of regulatory requirements, and an uncompromising commitment to safety and compliance.

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Emergency Response & Crisis Management Capabilities using the Incident Command System

Based on the current commercial climate of the industry, WGG has established initiatives to help the operator maintain the momentum of providing operational readiness and training standards accordingly. With the experience and capabilities that WGG have, viewed the initiative could impact the business operator to reduce costs and maintain operational capability.

‘OUTSOURCING’ is a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. This may prove to be an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly. Often outsourcing involves integrating another company into your own processes and this is what we are promoting at our ERSC.

Wild Geese Group have a proven track record and are fully prepared to meet the challenges oil companies face in the form of emergency & crises situations management for their operations both onshore and offshore.


We work with clients to take an all-hazards approach to prepare for single or multiple events and threats, customized to ensure an adequate state of preparedness. We closely conform to the Principles & Techniques established within the ICS culture.

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Courses and Programs Available

We offer a variety of world-class, dynamic, and competency-based Emergency Response and Emergency Management development programs. Please click on the buttons below to learn more about our training courses.

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