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Working from Home
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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to force business and industries to drastically alter the nature of their operations and manpower routines. Business continuity is a major concern in these uncertain times.

With most employees now required to work from home, unfortunately training and competency opportunities have all but ceased, but they do need to stall completely. There are still viable options available which are now more than ever, compatible with today’s work from home limitations.

In an effort to bring our classroom to you, Wild Geese Group have broadened a library of e-learning content that is now available to benefit your employees in continuing their professional development and learning in fields of Emergency Management. Wild Geese Group have long been supporting companies and individuals navigate the path to recovery and the e-learning initiative is another example of how not to allow staff development and your state of readiness to be compromised simply because of inactivity and movement restrictions. 

Please click on the course you wish to attend below

Some of the THEORY content we are making available from our courses includes:

Digital Courses :

A number of these initiatives also serve as an excellent opportunity to prepare, where any PRACTICAL elements of the training may normally exist and further cost reductions will be made available should participants proceed to having Wild Geese deliver this practical training at our facility (available within 60 days of having completed the e-learning).


Wild Geese Group will issue registered e-learning certificates for each program.


For more information on the content and target audience for each of these programs please refer to our company website

Please provide your email address so we can provide a quotation & full information on our eLearning offerings
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