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Oil & Gas Installation Management

Target Group


Personnel responsible for the management and operations of Oil & Gas Installation.

Course Aims and Objectives


The aim of this unit is for learners to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills a manager in the oil and gas industry needs to manage situations involving emergency responses and minimize harm to individuals and disruption to activities.



This program requires that attendees nominated for Incident Management Team Incident Controller training should have a sound background of what is required to support site emergency management and response. This can be in the form of professional experience in that position or by having a good understanding of company expectations in emergency response.

Appraisal Process


Multiple Practical scenario simulations with at least 1 x Direct Observation APPRAISAL (this program is not pass or fail) for each Incident Controller , Team Leader, or Duty Manager.


MERSC Kuala Lumpur
Headquarters Office

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2 Days Theory and Practical Session


Company Consultation

Accredited by:


Theory and Practical

Native Teacher (Available in English or Malay)

Free Resources for Company Implementation

2 Days Training

Level 3 UK Certificate of Completion

Consultation to further training

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