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About Wild Geese Group

Wild Geese Group is a company who for over two decades has been in the extremely specialized field of Incident Command. Originating from the military and now with a lengthy unbroken service in the Oil & Gas industry sector. WGG has established itself as a global leading provider of solutions, systems, and people to ensure safe operations are maintained and if required manage critical incident situations as they occur.

Wild Geese at its core, understands the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. All WGG business units are united in providing an integrated solution through functional delegation of key roles and responsibilities to achieve a united command outcome.

Our business model, teachings and exposure has allowed us to collaborate across the globe with other like-minded companies to provide an “end to end” product and service not just meeting our clients situational needs but raising the standard and performance of Emergency Response Organizations, at company level and national levels.

Wild Geese Group built on capability, driven by innovation and passionate to remain

“First & Best in Class”

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