Training for Crisis Management Teams & Business Continuity Units

Course Aim & Objectives

This program is designed to coach Senior Management in the techniques & skills required to be effective Crisis Management & Business Continuity Team members.  The program is underpinned by the principles of the Incident Command System


Course Content

  • CMT Philosophy & Principles of ICS
  • Roles & Responsibilities of team members
  • Establishing a Control Structure
  • Communications Processes (Internal & External)
  • HR & Media & Social Media Liaison Issues
  • Prioritizing Tasks & Tactics amongst the ER organization
  • Incident Planning Requirements
  • Gathering Incident Intelligence & Delegation
  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Establishing Containment & Continuance of Business
  • Resource Activation & Management
  • Stress on Structure Mitigation



All participants will be observed on their performance within their designated roles within the team and will receive a certificate of attendance. Though there is no formal assessment process, the team and lead members will be evaluated against known standards of competency using tailor made appraisl tools specific to their company expectations



This program requires that attendees are designated as members of the Crisis Management or Business Continuity Group. Numbers of attendees are limited to no more than eight personnel.


Course Duration

The course is designed to be conducted over a two-day period in their own Emergency Command/Coordination Centre.


Method of Training

This training is delivered in a holistic manner, and consists of theory sessions on day one followed by interactive scenario based Practical role player sessions for the remaining period. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the program and its content during the practical sessions, scenarios will be developed based on existing ER/CM documentation. On completion of each scenario a structured hot debrief will be carried out highlighting the strengths & weaknesses of the team.   



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