Relative Response Team Training (RRT)

Course Aim

This course is designed to build competence & confidence levels of designated HR personnel tasked with the Roles & Responsibilities of the Relatives Response Team



No specific pre-requisites exist for this course although it is preferable that attendees are part of the designated Relative Response Team and have an understanding of HR related issues and that they are volunteers to undertake the training



To train personnel through theory & practical scenario situations in how to be members of the Relative Response Team


Course Modules & Competency 

The following modules and elements will be delivered

  • Module 1: The role of the Relative Response Team Member within Emergency Response
    • Element 1.1 Overview of emergency response organist ions, systems and roles
    • Element 1.2 The Relative Response Room processes and roles
    • Element 1.3 Managing Information
    • Element 1.4 Communications (Effective handling of phone calls)
    • Element 1.5 Manage Stress in self and others
  • Module 2: Performing the role of the Relative Response Team Member
    • Element 2.1 Verify emergency response information & management
    • Element 2.2 Communication Techniques
    • Element 2.3 Delivering information to relatives
    • Element 2.4 Manage stress in self and others



All participants will be appraised using company procedures and best practices during the practical scenario sessions in the roles of RRT members





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