OPITO OIM CE (Offshore Installation Manager Controlling Emergencies)

Target Group

This assessment program is designed for Offshore Installation Managers (OIM). Superintendents or Person In Charge (PIC) who are designated as Incident Managers in Controlling Emergencies on Offshore Installations.


Course Objectives

To review documentary evidence sufficient for the OPITO standard in:

Element 1.1 – Maintain a State of Readiness

To assess through practical simulation the OPITO standard in:

Element 1.2 – Assess the Situation and Take Effective Action

Element 1.3 – Maintain Communications

Element 1.4 – Delegate Authority to Act

Element 1.5 – Manage Individual and Team Performance

Element 1.6 – Deal with Stress in Self and Others

Click the link below to download the OPITO OIM CE Course Outline

OPITO-OIM-CE-Course-Outline.pdf (39 downloads)



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