Media Handling


Whether you are a CEO, Company Director, or Company Representative, you are at the mercy of the press.  The press has the unfair advantage over you.

The press decides what events or issues to cover, how to cover, what to write and what to put in the news.  This is their prerogative and beyond your control, unless of course if you own the press.

Journalists can even dictate the direction of a news story or a controversy by just asking questions.  This, is the power of the press, nevertheless, do not be afraid or paranoid of the media.  It does make a difference if you are media-savvy… if you know how the press works and how reporters and editors think and operate in covering news.


Course Aim

This course is designed to familiarise the participants with the workings of the press – such as how reporters and editors think and operate in covering news, and how they respond to crisis situations – so that the participants will be able to handle the press skilfully without making blunders. 



To promote your company and its products and services effectively using the press or news media

To manage the press confidently in crisis situations

To handle press interviews skilfully and to your advantage


Course Content

  • How to make use of the press to promote your company
  • How to prevent a corporate or product crisis from erupting through the press
  • How to manage the press in a crisis
  • How to handle press interviews in any situation – crisis or non-crisis



No specific pre-requisites exist for this course although it is preferable that attendees have worked as part of the Crisis Management Team. 



Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance



Participants will be put through a mock press interview individually in the presence of all other participants.  One of the participants, preferable the most senior of the group, will be subjected to a press “ambush” interview.

The participants will be interviewed based on various company specific crisis scenarios relevant to their respective job functions and responsibilities.

The objective of the mock interviews is to train the participants in handling an inquisitive press and in responding skilfully to difficult and prying questions while under pressure of a crisis.

The objective of having a simulated press “ambush” interview is to catch the selected participant off-guard to see how he would respond in a crisis when confronted by the press without prior notice.  Questions will be thrown at him based on a worst-case scenario.    


Course Numbers and Duration

The course is suited for a maximum of 10 participants and conducted over a two day, training period, all training material including handout note book and video recordings of the training will be supplied.



Discussions will be held at the end of each mock interview, where training staff will discuss what participants should have and should not have said in the interviews, how they could have handled or answered certain questions, how they could evade difficult questions or situations when cornered by the press, why reporters adopt certain lines of questioning, and how to overcome reporters tricky questioning techniques in extracting information during interviews.



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