M.E.R.S.C Noticeboard


June has started with a trip to Pengerang Terminals in Johor to conduct some EMT/CMT training for their terminal manager and his team.  The training & appraisal went well with good participation from the PTSB crew. A very impressive site and lots of activities happening. We were well received, our training was much appreciated and we enjoyed the opportunity.  Hoping your safety record continues to grow PTSB. 

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


Welcome Back to our old friends and colleagues PETRONAS and the FIRST PFLNG SATU crew in choosing us again for the delivery of OPITO MEM IR training. M.E.R.S.C & Wild Geese Group SDN BHD are looking forward to renewing our professional relationship by providing further OPITO/ BTEC accredited MEM Training and Consultancy for PETRONAS.


“M.E.R.S.C dan Wild Geese Group Sdn. Bhd. berbesar hati ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT KEMBALI kepada PETRONAS amnya dan kru PFLNG SATU khasnya kerana memilih kami semula bagi mengikuti kursus OPITO MEM IR. Diharap dengan penglibatan PETRONAS kali ini ia dapat membuka ruang kepada M.E.R.S.C dan Wild Geese Group Sdn. Bhd. dengan memberikan khidmat nasihat serta menyediakan latihan MEM (OPITO / BTEC) kepada PETRONAS di masa akan datang.”  



WGG welcomes Dan as the GMO (General Manager Operations), another ex-military member, bringing with him over 27yrs of operational experience to the M.E.R.S.C

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


Plant Manager/Incident Commander Initial Response programs now in full swing at the MERSC. Another first for WGG.

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


WGG is congratulated by CONOCO PHILLIPS for their Operational Coverage in back up ECC support during drilling phase.

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


WGG is asked to write Tactical Response Procedures for REPSOL newest facility Kinabalu. More positive reinforcement for WGG in their fields of expertise.  

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


MERSC wins Operational Support contract by ENQUEST Malaysia for an additional 2+1 years, quite an accomplishment and proves we are doing it right, well done WGG.  

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


As we continue to navigate through this altered landscape in Industry, the MERSC under an M&O contract filled by Wild Geese have maintained focus on continually offering superior services at affordable prices.

WGG has invested in bringing on line not only new services but new alliance partners and associate partners both here in Malaysia and abroad. 

Our Values and Attitude have always been to connect with our clients, support where we can through our Products & Services.

We have never taken anything for granted and are always looking to improve who we are, our relationships that we have created over time are very important to not only our success and growth but to our fellow partners.

I look forward to welcoming new companies to our professional family, we are a very dynamic group of professionals who have the ability to not only deliver on time and on budget,  but to relate to you and share your goals. 

Dato` Tim Allsop M.E.R.S.C President


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