EMT With EC Appraisal Program

The course is designed for personnel who fill the EC or IC role, traditionally referred to as the ‘Onshore Duty Manager’, whose responsibilities include the support of an offshore or remote site should they have an emergency incident and is based on the principles of the Incident ). The Command System (ICScourse provides delegates with formal training in the strategy, tactics, command and control, communications and coordination elements used in the management of major emergencies.
The EC will be supported by an ‘Emergency Management Team’ (EMT), and the course is also designed for personnel who form part of that team who might be expected to take over the EC role in the event of unexpected absence or sickness, such as:
 Operational Section Chief
 Planning Section Chief
 Logistics Section Chief
 Finance/Admin Section Chief
This programme also provides Emergency Management training for personnel who are undertaking a training and competence programme to progress to the role of Duty Manager or Emergency Coordinator.
Course Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of Emergency Coordinator Training are that, on completion of the course, in acting in the role of Emergency Coordinator (EC) the delegates will be able to:
a) Recall the key elements of the management of emergencies:
i) Different types of major emergency and their particular key factors
ii) The duties and responsibilities of the EMT members
iii) ECC Facilities and information management
iv) Preplanning and maintaining a state of readiness
v) Establishing and maintaining communications with internal and external agencies.
b) Demonstrate the ability to assess the situation and take effective action
c) Demonstrate the ability to maintain communications with internal and external agencies
d) Demonstrate the ability to delegate the authority to act
e) Demonstrate the ability to manage individual and team performance
They will also be able to put into place predetermined plans during the Activation Phase (when the emergency alarm has been raised), through to the Deactivation Phase/Stand Down in the role of the Emergency Coordinator in a number of specific types of emergency scenarios.

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