If an incident occurs the first few minutes are critical to prevent escalation and to the successful management of any emergency – whether that be Offshore OR Onshore.

The Control Room Operator and CCR staff is typically the first position on a facility that becomes aware of there being a problem and his reactions are critical in determining the correct level of response and the path that follows. A poor initial response can potentially cost lives and cause major damage that may have been able to be averted.

The actions of CCR staff during any emergency, even when a full ER Team has been mobilised, is also critical to a successful outcome and the CCCR staff MUST be trained on how to keep the Emergency Manager and his Team advised on escalation or otherwise until the situation is normalised.

This training program introduces the Principles of Emergency Management for the CRO’s to understand and realise what the Emergency manager requires from them and how they can best help the EM process.

The THEORY content builds a foundation of basic knowledge and understanding then the PRACTICAL emergency scenarios are designed to place them in a position in which their decision making and following of procedures will be tested whilst being exposed to threat to life, environment, plant and equipment. Some responses may be critical or mandatory and others may rely on judgement.

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