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Are you prepared well enough!!

The key to preparation, notification, mobilization, communication, managing & eventually recovering from any emergency situation in any industry is the people, processes & equipment you have available to you.

From the company who brought you other Incident Command Products including the Emergency Management Simulator widely used in the Oil & Gas industry for the competency assessment of onsite managers, the ALLSOP wheels & Log Books, Permit Eye Camera we are proud to introduce the C-5 Android Emergency Management & Tracking Software. This software is simply installed onto any Android operating appliance such as the Samsung Tablet or HTC mobile phone.

This software will by name & function support the onsite & offsite Emergency Manager & Team Members in;

  • Command – maintaining your Incident Command Structure for notification, activation & reporting as it appears in your company ER documentation.
  • Control – aid in controlling the mobilization, tracking & progress of authorities involved in the incident response & management.
  • Communications – record to a chronological event all incoming & outgoing telephone calls & messages it will also prompt the user to make regular informative calls to relevant authorities.
  • Coordinate – monitor the progress and internal & external supporting agencies in your ER & EM efforts on site and beyond.
  • Compile – all important actions will be compiled to several record data bases which can be used post incident & be sent to others within the network for viewing.

c-5 Android

Features available on the c-5

  • easy to use with expand screen technology,
  • prompts for every response,
  • a mobile ECC at your fingertips,
  • all actions recorded to a database & time line,
  • multi language available, English, Malaysian & Chinese (more to come)
  • pre- loaded with company procedures, form & floor plans (layout drawings)
  • all action tables and incident management guides will be site and company specific
  • Notification & grouping registers pre-loaded
  • Record all incoming & outgoing calls concerning incident
  • Touch screen & word prompt intelligence,
  • photo recording & video recording,
  • voice recording
  • Internet, email/gmail & company server friendly

c-6 Android

Features Available on the c-6

  • To serve the onshore team
  • A mobile ECC in your pocket
  • Customizable content to suite the company procedure
  • Suitable for every emergency response
  • Instantly produce the required report needed based on all the information that has been inserted during the emergency response


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