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Welcome to the MERSC1 facility a Center of Excellence in Emergency Response

 Managed & Operated by Wild Geese Group the MERSC facility is a unique business model which allows operators from Industry to meet their professional obligations to Emergency Response & Preparedness, when responding to Tier 1/2/3 Emergency situations.

The MERSC is custom built Incident Command compliant center which not only houses several Emergency Command Centers with supporting venues but also provides OPITO accredited Training & Assessment for Supervisors and Managers.

The MERSC provides a robust, reliable, solution to not only prevent emergencies from happening but to respond and recover in the quickest time possible.

A major contributing factor to the resilience of the MERSC is the quality of the people who work from the center, a special breed of ex-military way of thinking and industry knowledge has ensured the right recipe can be created each and every time in response.

Further information of our services and how your business can benefit from engaging us can be obtained on request.  

The Emergency Manager


An emergency manager is a person charged with designing and driving the managerial framework to reduce impact and incident escalation by making informed decisions, problem solving through forward planning and strategic goal setting.  A single most import element which determines success or failure is the speed and accuracy in how communications both internally & externally is established.

For those who have not had a background in such institutions as defence, uniformed branches of civil service you would lack the exposure to the Incident Command Systems principles. Incident Command System is a proven approach to establishing Command & Control through functional delegation, the skills and techniques commonly used in an ICS culture can be applied in any situation where the potential for harm or danger exists.  This is what Wild Geese Group offers Industries at the M.E.R.S.C.


Bronze Service

On-hire Response Centre (fully fitted back up ECC environment) manned or un-manned

Silver Service

Consultancy (Strategic Support)

Gold Service

Consultancy, Training & Assessment (Strategic & Tactical Support)

Platinum Service

Consultancy, Training, Assessment & Operational Response (Strategic, Tactical & Response)

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